August 10, 2011

First Beach Cleanup Successful!

Surfrider BeachCleanup atMissionIslandMarsh, Aug 6, 2011

With overcast skies, humid air the never ending smell of forest fires, the crew met early to setup for the first beach cleanup for Surfrider Foundation Organizing Committee. We unloaded the BBQ, setup tables and arranged the cleanup supplies. The day was warm and inviting as people started to show up for the first beach clean up. The table was setup for food, water and membership signup.

At this clean up we received  another handful of members which should put us over the top to qualify us as a full chapter. Protective gloves, sunscreen and garbage bags were handed out to all and the clean up was under way. Among the debris and garbage that was collected the two greatest types of garbage were fireworks and cigarette butts. With the constant push for buying bottled water it was surprising how little the number of plastic bottles were around.

The clean up was a success and  bags of garbage were collected and separated into recycling and non recyclables. The local paper was on site to interview the committee and put an article describing what Surfrider is and does, and to get some information on the surfing scene in the area. Once the cleanup was complete and bellies were filled with hotdogs and drinks, we headed to the water to enjoy our spoils. The local supplier NatriBros supplied some standup paddle boards for people to tryout. As well some of the local surfers brought some surfboards and SUP for people to try. The kids had some fun swimming and paddling around on the surfboards. All said and done it was a successful day with good weather, good people and just the right amount of fun to be had.

July 11, 2011

Surfrider Thunder Bay

Dear Friends of Surfrider!


Over the past few months, we have been working hard (especially our President, Laura Loan), to start a chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in Thunder Bay.  Surfrider’s mission is: the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.  We hope to bring together diverse groups of people that enjoy the lake, (especially young people), and be a voice to protect what we love.


To everyone who has signed up as member, THANK YOU so much!  In order to gain full chapter status, we need to sign up 25 members in the next 3 months.  We are still short of our goal, so if you haven’t signed up as a member, please consider supporting us.  Usually a 1 year membership is $25, but we are able to sign you up for only $10.  Your $10 stays here in Thunder Bay and helps us to put on events.


Our first event will be a beach clean up at Mission Island Marsh, Saturday August 6th, 1-3pm.  We are going to clean up trash and whatever else doesn’t belong there, followed by a Stand-up paddleboard demo.  Stand-up paddleboarding is becoming really popular, it’s a great new way to enjoy being on the water, and catching waves.  Come and try it out with us!


If it rains, we will do the clean up the next day on Sunday.  If you are planning to come, it would be great if you could RSVP.  But everyone is welcome to come regardless, the more the merrier.  Please pass on this info to anyone you think might be interested.


Hope to see you and your friends at the first Surfrider Thunder Bay beach clean up!  Thanks for your support.


Surfrider Thunder Bay Committee


Laura Loan

Jaako Natri

Eric Berglund

John Marchant

Winston Loh